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"Vitafon" technology is mainly based on micro-vibrations and sound effects and this kind of treatment is called vibroacoustic therapy. This amazing vibroacoustic device, used since 1994, performed great results in professional patient treatment in several policlinic centers across the Russian Federation. "Vitafon" is it is intended for the treatment of the wide range indications for inflammatory and post-traumatic diseases. In last 5 years "Vitafon" showed amazing results in treatment of more then 50 different conditions and diseases. Experience is being accumulated, advantages and disadvantages become distinct and, to this day, the indications and contraindications for the application of the vibroacoustic effect have been identified. The best results have been achieved in treatment of Arthritis, Bronchitis, Constipation, Cystitis, Stomatitis, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Gastritis, Hemorrhoids, Lactostasis Phenomena, Prostatitis, Radiculitis, Spine Traumas, Tonsillitis, Rhinitis, Hepatitis and even Glaucoma!

"Vitafon" is dedicated to all ages and for both genders.

"Vitafon" should be used:

By men the best results have been showed by impotence and prostatitis treatment.
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By women "Vitafon" can be used not only for therapeutic-prophylactic purposes, but also for cosmetic ones. The device helps eliminates oedema and promotes healing of wounds after surgeries. Furthermore, it helps in the treatment of insomnia and can be used for relieving fatigue and enhancing the muscles' working ability. After giving birth, when ruptures occur, the "Vitafon" will accelerate healing of the wound and will enable the mother to avoid complications. Often menstrual problems and irregular cycles can be attained with the aid of the "Vitafon".
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Mostly the elderly people can benefit from amazing treatment effect of this device. It might help them to decrease their high blood pressure and stabilize it. Within this will avoid possible stress on the heart itself.
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Of course, "Vitafon" can be helpful by injuries or dislocations, which mostly happens to children in their wicked years, during the play and childish unwariness. "Vitafon" excludes complications (putrefaction) and hinders the formation of scars. Very important is to note that the "Vitafon" treatment is painless, pleasant and that children like it very much.
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The device was used on a new-born infant at the First Municipal Hospital of St.Petersburg - one of the most sound and modern medical institutions in the world. The results were just amazing.
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As you can see, the age itself is no hindrance for using the "Vitafon". Therefore, "Vitafon" is recommended for teenagers and youth with health issues, mostly in cases of musculoskeletal disorders such as osteochondrosis of the spine cervical portion, in feces incontinence (encopresis), urine incontinence (enuresis), intestinal paresis, flat foot, and dysplasia of hip joints, etc. In teenagers, from 10 to 16 years, prophylactic procedures of the "Vitafon" therapy on the spine may prevent problems in future. Usually youth ignore treatment in the belief that "it will pass away by itself." Unfortunately it does not always pass away, and often in a number of years it becomes only too evident when the remaining pathology transforms into a serious disease.
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Young mothers and women in pregnancy are not definitely excluded out of treatment using "Vitafon". The vibroacoustic effect cannot possibly interrupt pregnancy. Microvibration will improve blood supply to the foetus and placenta, but it is unknown how it will affect the future child and this is no place for experimentation. That is why application of the "Vitafon" is not recommended for pregnant women.
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"Vitafon" is an irreplaceable aid in sports. Sportsmen during contests and training often become traumatized. And there is simply no time for recuperation. Accelerating fracture consolidation, healing of injuries and wounds 1.5-2.0-fold, "Vitafon" is a true companion of many sportsmen.
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Osteochondrosis is one of the most widely spread diseases of the 20th century, appearing only less frequent than, perhaps, acute respiratory diseases during the Spring-Autumn period. Restoration of the disordered circulation at the level of the smallest capillaries and relaxation of tense muscles can be attained with the soft action of "Vitafon." And later everything is in your own hands: it is necessary to protect one's spine and to devote a few minutes every day to special exercises.

"Vitafon" will help you not only to deal with an acute relapse of an ailment, but also to have a good rest and to recuperate after a tense working day.
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Generally, "Vitafon" is an amazing device with wide range of treatments for more then 50 different health conditions (diseases and disorders). Almost everyone can use it and the treatment itself is very pleasant and restful. In most cases "Vitafon" is compatible with drugs and other medical treatments. Exceptions are presented in description of contraindications. Most of patients use "Vitafon" for prevention and as improvement for their circulatory, lymphatic and metabolic processes.

The "Vitafon" device generation is used over 10 years in countries of ex-USSR, mostly in Russia, and it has been used only for military goals and secret medicine tests in Russia. Nowadays, "Vitafon" has been sold and used in many other countries like larger part of Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. Large pharmaceutical lobbies and concerns in developed countries like Western Europe, USA, Canada or UK are doing their best to forbid this device from publicity in hope to protect their drugs market. Because, remember, 75% of patients treated with "Vitafon" discontinued with drugs consummation.

The device should not be applied only in the following cases:

  • In body areas of oncologic pathology
  • In pregnancy
  • In body areas affected by thrombophlebitis
  • In body areas affected by atherosclerosis (high risk of stroke)
  • In acute infectious diseases
  • In high temperature
  • In the vicinity of implanted pacemakers

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We do not deliver "Vitafon" with power supply to the countries with voltage standards of 110V, 120V, 127V, because the manufacturer provides the device only with 220V power supply (Europe standard). Anyway, we recommend you to order the power supply form specified online shops or from any legal electro store in your neighborhood.
Choose your country to get the power supply specification together with shipping and handling fees!

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Top 10 Reasons
to Buy Vitafon:
  • Remedy for more then 50 diseases

  • Increase the local blood supply to improve organs function and quality of the blood

  • Relief pain without drugs

  • Good for disease prevention

  • Easy to use with detailed instructions for self use

  • Comfortable and plesent treatments

  • No side effects

  • Compatible with drugs and other medical treatments

  • It might help you where other drugs canít

  • Digital time scheduler included


Greetings, dear V.A. Fiodorov,
I have been using your Vitafon device for almost 2 years. To be exact, all my family (3 people) and the neighbours (2 people) have. The device is a great help for osteochondrosis, fractures, bruises, dislocations, sprains, sinus trouble, head colds and so on. It is especially good for us pensioners and invalids: you don't need to hang around hospitals, wait in long queues and swallow endless pills. In short, the Vitafon is a home doctor. Thank you for this wonder.

B.V.A., second-degree invalid

Dear Creators of the wonderful home doctor Vitafon,
In my letter I want to express my heart-felt thanks to all those who give people health. We bought a Vitafon before the New Year and in the short period of treatment with the Vitafon I sensed the disease losing its hold. The disease - as with many people - is osteochondrosis. I had agonizing pains at night, my hands went numb and I could not hold knitting-needles. In general a lot of things have changed in my organism. Breathing seems to have become easier and, despite being overweight, I have begun to feel light.


Dear Vitafon staff,
I want to tell you that the vibro-acoustic Vitafon is a very good and useful device. I used it to treat the knee joints in both my legs. After the second session the pains disappeared entirely, while before going down stairs or getting off a bus was very difficult for me due to the severe pain. Sometime my right leg gave way under me. Now I can run, jump carry weights and walk several kilometres and no pain. Many thanks to you.